Can You Name These Cheeses Just By Looking At Them?

Can You Name These Cheeses Just By Looking At Them?


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Zanetti scamorza cheese
Esben_H/Getty Images
Fresh sliced halloumi
PicturePartners/Getty Images
English Red Leicester cheese on it’s own on a plate
DMP1/Getty Images
Provolone cheese on the wooden board
AlexPro9500/Getty Images
Slice of French Roquefort cheese
elnavegante/Getty Images
Round gouda cheese with parsley. Dark background.
gaus-nataliya/Getty Images
Well ripened goat cheese
Aneta_Gu/Getty Images
Manchego cheese.
lengel76/Getty Images
fresh ricotta in olive wood bowl on old table
GooDween123/Getty Images
Close up Pecorino Sardo, tomatoes and herbs on wooden top
marmo81/Getty Images

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