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As a young adult Reza Aslan was greatly inspired by a quote from the German philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach in his book “The Essence of Christianity (1854): “Only a being who comprises in himself the whole man can satisfy the whole man.” Aslan subsequently spent much of his adult life studying the world’s religions.

In his latest book, “God: A Human History” Reza Aslan studies why we have a need to humanise God, and our brain is hardwired to do so. He explores why people, of all faiths, have a compulsion to see God as a divine version of ourselves, as a human being, but with superpowers. Aslan studies this tendency through history, early writing and stories in religious text.

In our show with Aslan, we’ll discuss the book, his research … and his opinions on US politics. Join in with your questions and comments at 1930GMT.

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