The Real Girl’s Guide To The Big White Cake | Hey Y’all | Southern Living

Join Ivy Odom as she gives us the Southern Living tips and tricks for making the big white cake!

For starters, don’t try to make the entire cake in one day. Breaking your process into chunks is less intimidating. Make your cake layers in advance and keep them chilled. Cold cake layers are much easier to frost than layers at room temperature.

Some helpful tools: a cake stand that swivels, a small and a large offset spatula to help ice the cake, an ice cream scoop (for consistency in icing layers), and a scraper to smooth the icing.

Ivy applies a crumb coat and chills the cake before adding the final layer of frosting. She prepares the cake decoration in the meantime. Once it’s sufficiently chilled, she finishes the final layer of frosting and smooths it with the scraper. She adds some finishing touches, including the rosemary Christmas trees and a gingerbread cookie car.

If you’re looking for a white cake recipe that’s going to wow all your friends, then check out this recipe.

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